Baptist sermons on young people dating

A woman’s desire should be to be all that she can be for God and to do all that she can to please and take care of her husband. The modern women of our day who have spent several decades under the influence of the Women’s Liberation and WOW will cringe at that statement but what I just said is the Biblical reason for woman’s existence.A helpmeet whose desire is “to thy husband.” Ladies, your husband is to be your life. ” I’ll guarantee that all of you ladies said either “I do” or “I will.” I teach this to every young woman who is getting married so she can opt out if she desires.One day I asked him where I could purchase such experience so that I could get a job there.Marriage trust is something to be given at the wedding but, once breached, is hard to regain.As we try the “spirits” in the Book of James, we try our marriages by making sure that they are all that God intended for them to be and the Bible is the final authority on the subject.)either split up or become strangers within their own homes. The longer that you are married, the closer and more in love you should become if both parties are right with the Lord within the marital home.He instituted the marriage in wisdom because man was lonely and needed a help meet.God made the woman for the man to complete what was lacking. I re-emphasize this because people have a tendency to get a little perturbed at the pastor when he preaches on the subject.

And you ladies had better not take the Sunday off when it is your turn! ” Don’t be like one lady who told me, “Preacher, I love you but I don’t like you!

” The woman that you married needs to know and be told that you love her.