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The results of the experiment revealed that 79 per cent of the cats responded positively to silver vine, compared to 68 per cent for catnip.By contrast, only about half of all the cats responded positively to Tatarian honesuckle and valerian root.But now new research has revealed that cats respond similarly to three other plants: Silver vine, Tatarian honesuckle, and valerian root, with the most popular being silver vine - almost 80 per cent of cats in the study responded positively to it, compared to just 68 per cent for catnip.Catnip owes its intoxicating power to a chemical called nepetalactone.Three plants other that catnip have been found to induce a similar state of bliss in cats, researchers have found.Catnip triggers a neurological response, similar to how cats react to sexual pheromones - but some cats don't react to it.

Another source revealed that “she TWICE made toasts ...Pictured (c) is a dried normal silver vine fruit If a cat approached the plant but then moved away, the researchers considered this to be a rejection of the plant.The researcher waited five minutes after each test to expose the next plant to a cat.To find out if other plants have a similar effect on cats, Dr Sebatian Bol, a researcher at The University of Texas at San Antonio and the founder of the Cowboy Cat Ranch in San Antonio, led a study to test the effect of three other plants on cats.