Best cities for dating 2016

The metro scored well in every factor, particularly for income, amenities, and employment.SLC is also particularly young, with 15.7% of the total population aged between 20-29 years old. Boston, Massachusetts Boston was fifth overall, and first in the northeast for new graduates.The city also scored well on amenities and the overall millennial population.Northeast In the Northeast, Boston edged out New York as the best place for recent graduates to start a career.Boston’s millennial population, coupled with high starting salaries, gave the city a slight edge over its larger neighbor. topped the Southeast region with strong median incomes, amenities, and employment.Other top choices in the region included Burlington, Albany, and Rochester. The next best options included two Louisiana cities, Baton Rouge and Lafayette, followed by Baltimore and Virginia Beach.Southwest Texas held all five top Southwestern cities.

On average such a dynamic has caused rents to increase faster than local wages. Columbus, Ohio Columbus ranked well in almost every factor we considered.

This college town offers a range of benefits for young professionals – some of the highest starting salaries, great dating life, and many amenities. The city has the third highest rent prices in the nation. Fargo, North Dakota Fargo scored well in almost every metric we tracked.