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Consisting of a central dusty square bordered by tea stalls and food huts, the village is surrounded by cultivated rice fields.Kasab’s father, Amir Shahban, came from a family of butchers, but after becoming estranged from his parents he ended up in Faridkot hawking fried snacks in the square.But their hopes that crime would lift them to a better life were dashed after two unsuccessful break-ins and a failed attempt to buy a £30 colonial-era pistol.They moved on to the city of Rawalpindi and, before long, were back working in the sweltering kitchen of a grimy backstreet restaurant, bereft of money, ideas and hope.The attack had a significant impact on counter-terrorism strategies around the world, with security services put on high alert to the risk of 'Mumbai-style’ incursions on soft targets.After a 59-hour siege ended with the shooting dead of the last terrorists holed up in Nariman House Jewish centre, the country was united in shock and grief.Ten young men had sailed from Pakistan armed with AK-47 assault rifles and carrying backpacks full of ammunition and attacked the city’s landmark sites with apparent ease, eventually killing 166 people, including 22 foreigners.

It was one of the most intricately planned terrorist attacks of recent years, which took New Delhi to the brink of war with Pakistan, and has become known as India’s 9/11.Fifty-two people were killed and dozens more were injured as the vast ticket hall of the city’s busiest and most historic station – formerly called Victoria Terminus and inspired by St Pancras in London – was ruthlessly turned into a slaughterhouse.Kasab, nicknamed the Butcher of Bombay (kasab means butcher in Urdu), was hanged last November, almost four years after the attack.Bewitched by the metropolis, he fell in with a group of street youths.

Along with his new best friend, Muzaffar Lal, Kasab wandered from one temporary job to the next – washing plates in a restaurant, running errands for a guest house – but as the months drifted by, he realised his future was looking bleak.

What had propelled him from a farming village in rural Pakistan via military-style boot camps run by the Islamic terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba (Le T) and on to murder in Mumbai?

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