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Betty lost her ESP power when a ball that Reggie kicked accidentally hit her; in her gratefulness, she gave him a thankful kiss.Betty's many talents and accomplishments often make her friend Veronica jealous, who then tries to sabotage Betty to steal her glory and make her look bad.Chic moved to New York City and Polly to San Francisco, but both occasionally appear in flashbacks to Betty's childhood, and both occasionally visit their family.The quintessential girl next door, Betty's middle class upbringing is a world apart from the flashy lifestyle of her wealthy friend, Veronica Lodge.Additionally, there is little consistency in the instruments she is able to play.Betty has played the recorder, tambourine, maracas, guitar, banjo, keyboard, saxophone, cello, and the bongos.

1941), on the first page of the first Archie story, serving as a love interest to Archie Andrews.Nowhere is this more evident than when she and Veronica are competing for Archie Andrews' heart, and yet they remain best friends (Veronica once told Archie that she and Betty are only rivals in unimportant matters, like boys.) In the late 1960s, the two girls joined Archie's band, a garage band appropriately named The Archies.Both sang (usually backup), and Betty played tambourine, while Veronica played organ.Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper is one of the main characters appearing in American comic books published by Archie Comics.

The character was created by Bob Montana and John L.

During a stay at the Lodge mansion, while the family are in Europe, Betty is waited on hand and foot by the servants and, keeping true to her caring, loving, and unselfish nature, she begins to feel guilty about being waited on. In return, Smithers, the butler, and the rest of the staff, who are quite appreciative of what Betty did for them (since they never seem to get any appreciation from Veronica), offer to help Betty with the next party she throws, for free. Lodge would then lecture Veronica about how servants were people too. Although the two are often involved in disputes over Archie or something else that evokes jealousy, they have remained the best of friends since their childhood.

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