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So when I was laid off in 2015 from the British company I worked for, I thought, well maybe it is time for me to grow up and pursue my dream. Unless you do your research, both online and in store and are very selective on what you buy, you may easily end up eating up to 50-70 lb of high fructose corn syrup in one year, which is what an average American eats. Because the stuff is in everything from deli meats to yogurts to ice cream to crackers, soda, bacon, hot dogs and baked goods. High fructose corn syrup is one of the major culprits in diet related diseases like obesity and a condition called "fatty liver," where the liver gets damaged by all the sugar consumption. Obesity-related illnesses alone are costing our state health care system $83 billion a year.Can you imagine what these statistics would look like if we removed high fructose corn syrup from our diet? Everyday vegetable oils are adding unnecessary inflammation to our diet.

No, but I’ve been a lover of magazines since a very young age.He was so open and generous with his time, and I was able to write and report a proper profile. There’s always delicious, bad-for-you food at the office, but this helped me get rid of it.I’ve always had a slight interest in Argentina, ever since I turned down a scholarship to study for a year in Argentina. Also, there are many things that I can’t understand, such as Argentine people’s very loose definition of time and punctuality, where being ridiculously late is totally fine.For instance, you can get padded underwear that will give you a bigger butt! Even after buying them and wearing them, I don’t understand why anyone would want butt lift jeans.