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Madame Arcati's costume is a bright jumble of patterns with just enough reserve to keep her from being ridiculous. While Charles clings to normalcy by proclaiming, "I always dress for dinner," he and Bradman never get to in this production.

Morton has a fine, buoyant excitement about the séance, and Backman gives Bradman an affable, self-satisfied air.Coward's wit endures, nearly 75 years after the play's premiere in London during the bombings of World War II.It was a diversion in a grim time then, but remains a silky joy.And Elvira isn't budging; she takes up residence, wishing the décor hadn't changed and that she could still enjoy all the pleasures of life.

When the temperamental Elvira tries to disrupt Charles' marriage to Ruth, his second wife, the husband and his wives past and present find new ways to woo and wound each other.

The stunning set, designed by Jordan Janota, welcomes the audience to a world of genteel elegance.