Blocklist not updating

Looking for a nice and complete blocklist for Transmission can be a pain, especially if you’re not sure of which one to pick.This works with all versions of Transmission and with all OSs.

In fact there are a ton of lists all for different purposes and no one will give you complete -peer protection since one will shield your client from spammers, one from the US Government [really? If you search on Google you will find people recommending this website, called i Blocklist, which collects various block lists but there are to many of them and they all have the same problem I said before: no complete 100% protection.See Creating an file for automatic updates of whitelists and blacklists that are used for system lockdown.Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager uses UNC, FTP, or HTTP/HTTPS to retrieve the file and zip file at the specified URL.In fact, Peer Block will be switching over to them by default starting with our next release.

Blocklist not updating comments

  • Free alternative to I-Blocklist? profil de paulette60


    Free alternative to I-Blocklist. iblocklist is no longer updating their lists so of course they always say they are already up to date.…