Bpd dating npd

Up to this point, his behaviors have been loving–but you’ve gone with your instincts so far, and it takes you –to well, just about everything.This guy will have you feeling just horrible about hurting his feelings, even when you know you didn’t mean a thing by that silly, offhand comment you made about one of his relatives.

It won’t matter whether the person who is doing the hoovering is in a serious relationship, has just broken out from one or whether the person they are now hunting down was someone they left devastated by the wayside when they ventured out to seek newer pastures.This is all very descriptive of my relationship with my ex-husband. There was validation, but, at times, I had to stop and wonder how I missed it. Was I so entrenched in tending to my daughters and their needs that I just completely missed the boat? Was I just a little too familiar with “trying harder” and feeling inadequate? Why does one stay in something that is so clearly irreparable? Was this relationship a template that I instinctively understood? What I can say now is that if this is a dynamic in your relationship, then you need to know that the only thing you can change is you. Unless a woman is of men and masculinity, she’ll be wanting a counterbalance to her feminine aspects–and won’t settle on guys who are disconnected from their primal natures (which is fallout from a castrating parent, during boyhood). They’ll hide out in their caves until you back off anything that pertains to your relationship, rather than have an honest conversation with you on important issues.

With mess–until my therapist back then, set me straight.

It was an impossible mission to find anything meaningful written about BPD in relation to men. I found a rather lengthy article devoted entirely to the subject.