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Rio is famous world over for girls in bikinis, sex and samba and, in truth, the Rio beaches do set the bikini fashion the world over.However, it’s important to distinguish between the tourist hype and the truth and the latter you won’t learn by reading your average guidebook. What they don’t realise is that she’s not so much enamoured with their fascinating conversation as with their wallets.While South Beach is known for being expensive, it has also developed a reputation for attracting some of the most beautiful people in the world to relax on its beaches and party in its clubs.While you will likely see Brazilian beach girls on the shores of Miami, there’s no place like Rio to get the complete experience.You’ll rarely be brushed off or ignored even if she doesn’t fall for you.It might be the first time she’s ever got to know a gringo so it’s good to be relaxed and let her get used to the idea.South Beach is the sort of place where the fun continues all day long.During the day, join the best girls on the beach for a game of volleyball, and once the sun sets hit the nightclubs or indulge in Miami’s great dining and cocktails scene.

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In the uptown areas like Ipanema you’ll find some Brazilians who speak English but if you want to get beyond eye contact and a few embarrassed smiles in other parts, Portuguese is definitely the language of love.Don’t get too distracted by the beach girls in Brazil though; it is important to keep an eye on your possessions as petty theft can easily ruin a day at the beach.Be sure to always leave your passport at your hotel in case your bag is stolen, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying large amounts of money.Phone numbers are handed out like popcorn but its odds on they’ll have forgotten your name by the time you come to call.