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Michaels and the rest of the group went back into the recording studios for the next project. He formed a production company with actor Charlie Sheen, which led to his first lead film role in Michaels made headlines around this time for a very different type of performance. After he recovered, Dall rejoined the group and Poison pressed on. Unshaken, he released a statement at the time, which read in part: "It's going to take more than a cowardice act like this to make me stop performing or stop my tour.": "The well-meaning has-been Bret is surrounded with women who are too young, too frantic or too high to know that being easy isn't funny in itself." Still, audience members became hooked on the show for all its odd-ball characters and Michaels' candid commentary.After completing work on their album, they were disappointed to learn that the record company did not want to release it. A sex tape involving him and former girlfriend Pamela Anderson ended up in the hands of the Internet Entertainment Group. It was unclear how the company got possession of the tape. Michaels also incorporated his diabetes into the program, teaching the contestants what to do in case of emergency.That same year, Poison released an album of cover songs from such artists as David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, and Grand Funk Railroad.In addition to his work with Poison and on TV, Michaels has enjoyed some success as a solo performer.It was one of the best dating shows on TV and remains demonstrably superior to is that it culls its contestants from real life.

The two later joined forces with bassist Bobby Dall and guitarist Matt Smith to form the band Paris.He has maintained a hectic touring schedule in recent years, which has been interrupted by several health challenges.In 2009, Michaels was injured while performing on the Tony Awards.He has also recently become a reality television star with .

While pursuing his dreams, Michaels has wrestled with a chronic disease.

Michaels also suffered a personal setback around this time. That's all I know." After that scandal lost steam, Michaels went back on tour with Poison, with De Ville as a band member again.