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It is a grotesque and self-serving misrepresentation of reality — which is that online gambling is a lonely, unsmiling, socially isolating activity.I was not totally surprised when it emerged that Stephen Paddock — who last weekend murdered 58 people and injured hundreds of others in Las Vegas — had, in the last few months of his life, become a full-time and obsessive gambler.— on a cynical accommodation with the gambling firms which bankroll both football clubs and the television channels that broadcast their matches.These advertisements typically portray gambling as a joyous social activity, with happy and laughing young people making their bets on a smartphone while talking with a group of friends.An investigation by the Sunday Times revealed that some of Britain's largest gambling firms are targeting children with online betting featuring their favourite cartoon and storybook characters.

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That makes it easier — although still horrendously difficult — for the addict's family to recognise it and try to get it treated.

It's meant to be very mean-spirited.'Since then his mood has sunk even further, and the show has consistently been a target of furious tweets by the president. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job.