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Surely, it’s preferable to a mid-career Weezer, who were often caught flailing around in the dark, frantically throwing ideas at the wall in a bid to see if any would stick.If all goes according to plan, will be released in 2018 but despite Cuomo's claims that it will push the band into increasingly modern and experimental furrows, he's learnt not to take criticism to heart.This can’t be me, this can’t be my life and I ain’t going down like this!’ It was really beneficial for me to experience though because it was a dark place, the mansion was really rotten but it inspired me to move on and start again.His window looked out on to a gothic church, a view which seemed to echo his oppressive mood.Sometimes he would wake to screaming from other residents on his street and there was one incident when he returned home from playing a show only to discover that a man had been stabbed practically on his doorstep.“The 3 of us needed to create what felt like a life-affirming record,” Murray says.

I want people to be there with me on the street corners or in the bars or in the mansion, the places where it all went down.” Reconvening with his bandmates with the bare bones of these songs in tow proved to be re-invigorating.It’s an arm around the listener and a voice saying no matter how bad things get, they will get good again.Those clouds are going to part and the sun is going to come glaring through.It’s a record of defiance, a celebration of life including all its pitfalls and a resolute middle finger to depressing thoughts and negative feelings.

“There are already a million amazing sad records and at the moment, we’re not interested in adding any more to the pile,” says Murray.

I wanted to bring myself back and make myself feel better; it inspired me to find hope in the dark I’d been hiding in.

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