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“They think hiding behind a username puts them beyond the reach of law enforcement but they’re wrong.“Officers at the National Crime Agency and its partners have the investigative and technical skills to find these offenders and bring them before the courts.” The case came after senior police officers warned that a “horrifying” number of British men are viewing child sex abuse images online.

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The NCA is among the agencies developing new detection tools to identify and remove material, while tracing those uploading and viewing it.Pacenza, 55 at the time, had 19 years of IBM service and said he could have retired in one more year.has asked Judge Stephen Robinson for a summary judgment, saying its policy against surfing to sexual sites is clear.Pacenza said he was called away before he got involved in any online conversation.

But he apparently did not log off, and when another worker went to Pacenza's station, he saw some chat entries, including a vulgar reference to a sexual act.

The NCA said child abusers attempting hide behind anonymous usernames online were not beyond the reach of law enforcement and vowed to track them down.