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My course has 8 seperate SCORM lessons, each with a review quiz. I found that when I uploaded updated SCORM files and launched the lessons, the new updates did not show up.I spent hours trying to figure out what the problem was with no resolution.How is it still accessing files that have been deleted??Is there a moodle 'bin' somewhere which I also need to delete these old files from?? Thanks Debbie PS Using Moodle 1.9 and Wondershare PPT2Flash pro to create scorms I was having a similar problem.when you load the stylesheet itself it shows version 1.1 in the comment. Note the folder cw-business-lite-child: file is what is being called from the page.

I understand unfortunately im not in front of a computer with tools right now otherwise i would check for you.Hi I am hoping someone might help a new Moodler in distress!I have not found a solution on the forums and am really stuck with this having tried lots of things.But, when a user takes the quiz over again, the new score is not recorded.

I have made changes within Articulate and also in Moodle but nothing will allow the new scores to write over the older score. I am using Articulate 2009 products on Windows Vista and have Moodle 1.9.4.

My issue is similar to others who have posted in that when updating SCORM's in my course the old one still shows, rather than the new one.

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