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No matter how formulaic the clichés from which this story has been stitched, or how ropey some of the dialogue used to convey Kevin's paternal wisdom, Bridges' mere presence brings his every scene to life.Sam may get most of the action, but he is just re-running races that Kevin had already won years ago, while it is only the fear of fuelling CLU's dangerous ascendancy that prevents Kevin from taking action and deploying his own God-like powers – at least until the endgame. ", Quorra asks Sam near the film's close – and the filmmakers have evidently approached their materials with a similar question in mind.It is even, predictably, in 3D - although 3D of that pointlessly 'subtle' (ie barely noticeable) variety that is so popular with filmmakers today.All of which is to say that you are unlikely to see a better-looking film this year or a film that is more of its moment – but if you see this a few years hence, it will no doubt already have started looking as redundant as an Eighties arcade game.If Dillinger is absent from this sequel, his dubious corporate philosophy abides in the person of his son Edward (played by an uncredited Cillian Murphy), shown in an early scene declaring: "The idea of sharing software or giving it away for free disappeared with Kevin Flynn", as though the ideological battles depicted in the first film have just been passed down to the next generation.For while most sequels relate to their originals like children to parents, occasionally sequels literalise this relationship by bringing the now older hero of the original into direct contact with his offspring and in TRON: Legacy (whose very title advertises a preoccupation with generational heritage), Kevin Flynn comes with not one but three very different kinds of children.

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