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The oldest and tallest tree in NYC, dubbed the Queens Giant, is located in Alley Pond Park.At 133.8ft, this enormous tulip tree has been around over 450 years, which means it was around when the Dutch came to Manhattan/Pogs were cool. Have you ever wanted to look down on certain New York neighborhoods?If buying an apartment in New York sounds like some sort of fantasy, you can indulge in your daydreams for $100 through the Museum’s Adopt-A-Building program.

Artists from around the world contribute their time and talents to neutralizing blight in Western Astoria with their art.So grab your Metro Card, ferry ticket, or kayak and head over to Queens.Queens is not only the most diverse county in America, it is a world food destination with myriad international dining options.Take a guided tour of the home, relish the decor, and learn plenty about this great jazz man.