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Individual shows and even numbers leap to life in Mordden’s colorful prose, both in the main text and the hefty bibliographical and discographical essays that propel the volume to a hilarious final bon mot.

(Mine is a Xerox from a library copy.) Let's hope he keeps this going for years to come. Many of us grew up loving the theatre because we saw it first on television or the movies; this deserves a focused review all its own.Best of all, you never have to pay anything to use this feature. Learn more *Starred Review* One of the two most American contributions to world art, the musical springs (as does the other, jazz) from immigrant stock.Gay’s wildly popular “ballad opera,” consisting of popular tunes given new words, inspired imitations that gradually shifted from existing to newly composed music, eventuating in Gilbert and Sullivan’s concoctions in England and Offenbach’s confections in Paris.

Late nineteenth-century America enthusiastically imported those shows and started mixing their ingredients with those of native musical entertainment, especially the minstrel show and burlesque (and while the former was performed in blackface, the latter didn’t consist of strippers and blue humor).

My only criticism is not about the book itself as much as it is about the marketing.

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    Image credit Eliza Le Roy-Lewis. Anything Goes is a musical Red Bull, fizzing with perk-you-up Jazz Age numbers. Cole Porter’s nautical romp, which premiered in.…