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Most of the early Jewish Canadians were either fur traders or served in the British Army troops. Although Montreal's Jewish community was small, numbering only around 200, they built the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of Montreal, Shearith Israel, the oldest synagogue in Canada in 1768.Some sources date the actual establishment of synagogue to 1777 on Notre Dame Street.The most prominent of these five were the business associates Samuel Jacobs and Aaron Hart.

Folgende Funktionen stehen zur Verfügung: Öffentlicher Bereich Zur Ihrer Unterstützung steht auf der Startseite das Handbuch für Vereine zur Verfügung.Other Jewish ethnic divisions are also represented, including Sephardi Jews, Mizrahi Jews, Bene Israel and a number of converts.The Jewish Canadian community manifests a wide range of Jewish cultural traditions, as well as encompassing the full spectrum of Jewish religious observance.In 1831, prominent French-Canadian politician Louis-Joseph Papineau sponsored a law which granted full equivalent political rights to Jews, twenty-seven years before anywhere else in the British Empire.

In 1832, partly because of the work of Ezekiel Hart, a law was passed that guaranteed Jews the same political rights and freedoms as Christians.

One exception was Esther Brandeau, a Jewish girl who arrived in 1738 disguised as a boy and remained for a year before being sent back to France after refusing to convert.