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Come and benefit from this test offer and choose your personal winning ski.If you want to know what the weather is like in Zurich, you can find out from the many webcams that transmit beautiful images from throughout the city.Apps such as My Webcam enable you to remotely move cameras by swiping your finger across the screen.Tom Rudderham is the best-selling author behind behind i Pad Interactive Guide and i Movie Interactive Guide.Another way to activate a laptop web camera is to start using it through an instant messenger service like Skype, Yahoo, MSN or Google Talk.Connecting a webcam to your i Pad isn't as straightforward as you might think.Admire the glowing sunset of the Berlin landscape and orange rooftops under the "Best of".On the “Time Lapse” channel you can see cars and buses scurrying around like industrious ants around the Berlin streets.

Nevertheless, there is a way to view your webcam's video feed on your i Pad and even record what it's seeing -- but only with a small number of webcams that have their own i Phone and i Pad apps. Ensure your webcam has its own dedicated i Pad app.

Get a glimpse of Golden Lizzy over Berlin’s green heart the Tiergarten, as well as the Brandenburg Gate, and up the Unten Den Linden east towards the Berlin Cathedral and TV Tower.