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Our shipping department will refuse packages arriving without the RA number clearly marked on the outside of the box.Shipments arriving without freight prepaid will not be accepted. asks that you retain a copy of your receipt for proof of date of purchase which is required to claim warranty service.Products not meeting the warranty guidelines will be replaced or returned at the customer’s expense. After 4 weeks, all products remaining in our position will be considered abandoned and will become property of Carvin Corp.Yes, your repaired or replacement product has a warranty for the balance of time of the original warranty.Print the number on the outside of the package and place a copy inside the box with the product. Shipments will be refused by the warehouse if there is no RA number on the package.*** IMPORTANT** Write the RA number on the outside of each package being returned.

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If your product has been discontinued or is no longer available, we reserve the right to replace it with a product of similar function and value or a store credit. and Canadian English) or (thermionic) valve (outside North America) is a device generally used to amplify, or otherwise modify, a signal by controlling the movement of electrons in an evacuated space.However, tubes are still used in several specialized applications such as guitar amplifiers (also called a valve amp outside the U.When hot, the filament releases electrons into the vacuum: a process called thermionic emission.

The resulting negatively-charged cloud of electrons is called a space charge.

For example, if your product was sent in 6 months from the original date of purchase for warranty service, your replacement product will come with a 6-month warranty.

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    Due to the amount of customization available on Carvin guitars, identifying the specific model can sometimes be difficult. Serial numbers can be of some help in.…
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    Between 19 Carvin guitars do not have a serial number. The first guitar to have a serial number was #5000 and it was issued in 1970.…