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The people believe that it is Arapaleeswarar who resides as the fish in the river.Pilgrims and devotees feed the fishes when they visit the temple.Nandi the divine bull of lord Siva is seen seated in front of the kodi maram (flag staff) and bali peetam and facing the Lingam inside the garpagriha in all Siva temples.In the Arapaleeswarar temple the image of Nandi has only three legs.The right hind leg is mutilated and the culprits are two men whose images are seen facing the temple, across the road outside the main entrance.The story is told that Nandi, the divine bull grazed on the farmland belonging to the two men, who, not knowing that that it was Nandi devar, tried to drive it away.While just the lines themselves are fine, having what's being talked about in them as well is better.

In the Arapaleeswarar temple there is an inscription that speaks of 100 “kalanju” gold donated by her.On returning from the temple they were stunned to see the cut fish jump whole and alive from the boiling curry into the river.The miracle was a subtle message that lord Siva lived in all forms of life in the mountain. Based on this story,it is said that the name Arapaleeswarar is derived from ,meaning -Lord Siva who joined together the cut fish.It is also said that she donated many jewels to the temple.

Interestingly Sembian Mahadevi was a Mazhava princess, the daughter of Mazhavarayar.

The people dug around the spot to find a suyambu sivalingam and began to worship it.

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