Casual dating jealousy

They’re laughing and running away and I know I can't catch them, so there’s no point in trying.Yet I want to be with them, not for the pleasure of their company — even though heaven knows there is little of that — but because I’m not entirely confident they will come back and find me.When children’s naturally selfish, competitive natures are unchecked and even encouraged, sibling rivalry easily spills over into something far nastier: bullying.Most parents work hard to try to ease the relationships between their offspring. They used each of our shortcomings as a stick to beat the other with.We rebuilt our relationship as adults and now have a strong alliance.

This continued throughout her teens, and when I started school, she had to take me there and pick me up later, too. What 14 year old wants her six-year-old little sister dragging around after her all the time?When we finally spoke - I had to steel myself to phone her - it was as if we'd never been apart.We both realised that if it hadn't been for our parents' constant meddling, we would have made up years ago.Our parents, as grandparents, quickly reverted to type and resumed their practice of measuring one child against the other. It was only when their own marriage ran into difficulties that I reached out to my sister.

She was the only person who could understand how hard it was trying to support Mum and Dad while they took out their stress on me and my family.

I’m hot, tired and thirsty, but I know if I complain I’ll get a good slap.