Catholic church dating after divorce

Just as getting my money refunded was critical to me, so is the annulment process for people who want to date and remarry again (only much more critical).But there are always excuses or negative feelings about the process that get in the way, much the same way I let those forms sit for a week before I actually filled them out and put them in my mailbox. Why does the absence of that little piece of paper mean you can’t receive the sacraments if you have already remarried?And so the rightly repeats the Church’s teaching that persons who experience same-sex attraction must be loved and welcomed and never rejected.Those who flout the Church’s teachings must also be loved and welcomed and, it is hoped, led to embrace the Gospel fully, repent, and be reconciled.It did not propose reversing the teaching on the indissolubility of marriage, the requirement that divorced Catholics living in adulterous pseudo-marriages refrain from taking Holy Communion, the conjugal nature of marriage as a union of husband and wife, the grave immorality of non-marital (including same-sex) sexual acts, or the disorder of sexual desires not ordered to conjugal union.So why did the media explode with news about an “earthquake” in the Church’s teachings of sex and marriage?

So, for example, some Catholics identify as “gay” despite wholly embracing and living by the Church’s teaching on sex and marriage. They use “orientation” to refer to a very broad set of dispositions to, and gifts for, deeply committed companionship and service—dispositions and gifts that they think are distorted or perverted, not truly fulfilled, by same-sex sexual contact.

There has been an ‘earthquake,’ a ‘seismic shift.’ Things will never be the same.