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Tze Wah said that he had to maintain hs shape, but during ten day Lunar New Year holiday he would at least have 40 meals. " Tze Wah said that Ah Sheh in the film played a very powerful high ranking Hong Kong government official. " Reporters joked that bed scenes were also action scenes, Tze Wah replied, "You are overthinking it.Actually that isn't the only thing, we even have what spy movies don't have! Tze Wah said, "I guarantee that I won't give the audience a hard time, so they won't see my muscles!Charmaine wears a sexy black dress and both will be filming comedy and action series during Lunar New Year.When asked if any kissing scenes, Dayo said: Must let the lady to say it as guys are normally reactive and it depends if the lady is willing to do it."Mentioning about Andy Lau (劉德華) fell down from the horse during filming in Thailand, Dayo was shocked and said: "Huh? He returns to Hong Kong for treatment and hopes he is fine." Ah Sheh wll play a high ranking government official.She said that she would bully Tze Wah with her power, but he would still wanted to protect her and help her.However I have never tried it before, t felt pretty fun.

However this would be a comedy so the kiss would not be too excessive.Tze Wah said that actors were very passive in kiss scenes.Ah Sheh said that she and Tze Wah had meetings and he asked her how far she would go.In the film she will play a character in the police department, different from her previous characters.

She also revealed that she would occasionally meet with Wong Tze Wah to discuss the script.

In March Ah Sheh will first work on a movie with Dayo Wong Tze Wah.

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    Actress Charmaine Sheh arrives at the red carpet of 2016 Hong Kong Weibo Star Awards Ceremony. ED. Actress Charmaine Sheh attends the press conference of China 3D Digital Entertainment Ltd during the 21st. ED. Actor and singer Julian Cheung Chilam actress Charmaine Sheh attend the press conference of China.…