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"It wasn’t just us Germans that were outraged, other nations were also beside themselves when they saw the video of the Dutch," Böhmermann says, after showing Germany’s video on his show.That is why "all the good late night shows of the world" have committed to working against the Netherlands.An internal battle has also opened up on the Twitter account with the Lithuanian’s claiming that their video was the most popular on the 4 February. It’s a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest really, just much funnier.On the website , a circle of flags can be seen on a dark blue background.

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Which European country will Trump choose as second-best?Whether you've been on 100 online dates or have resigned yourself to the fact that you'll most likely die alone or worse, are considering allowing your mum to play matchmaker (because Tom from next door seems like husband material), in 2016, finding that perfect match is an art form.If you're tired of swiping right and ending up with another creep, Tinder isn't the only dating app out there, there's a huge variety of apps to choose from.A few words and concise phrases, come uo repeadtedly like "it's great" or "you'll love it." So really, the countries are not arguing about being better than the others.

There is also a new common hashtag: #Every Second Counts.

In it, Dutch history and culture are satirized and used to advertise their country in words and phrases that the new President of the USA will understand. This video says that Germany is so great that it already had a great wall, which, crucially, the Russians paid for.