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However, the judgment of scholars who read ancient texts and analyze their language and writing is clear: no textbook of ancient Hebrew inscriptions will ever include the so-called Jehoash text; no historian of ancient Israel will ever count the inscription as a source; no grammarian or lexicographer of ancient Hebrew will ever include words, phrases, or forms found in the inscription as genuine data.Forgeries such as this, and there are others, play into the hands of the radical skeptics.Moreover, they made another important point: if the stone tablet were once in the Temple and after some destruction were buried in the adjoining soil, there would have been local mineral elements in the patina that are not present. Feldman, a geologist who worked with the Israeli authenticators, has claimed that the numerous scholars of ancient Hebrew language, literature, and writing who have determined the inscription was forged have been motivated by “minimalism,” the position that virtually all the Israelite history recounted in the Bible is a later fiction unless it can be supported by indisputable evidence.I’m afraid that the opposite is the case: the geologists promoting the authenticity of the text are the ones exhibiting some need to prove it is genuine. In less than two hours I found several anomalies—spellings and linguistic usages that did not jibe with what we know of ancient Hebrew writing and language.The variety of brick color and paver color selections can be seen on the Gift Bricks® concrete, clay, and granite material pages.Other materials may also be available upon request.Sharpen Your Image Aagaard Jewelry is classic jewelry with an edge.

If genuine, the inscription reports on a refurbishing of the Jerusalem Temple (the Temple of Solomon) in close conformity with the account that is presented in 2 Kings 12.ASOR will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information.ASOR will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information.Perhaps, they say, other inscriptions that were not discovered in professional excavations are phony. The work of philologists and paleographers is difficult enough without the complications produced by frauds.

It would be great to find more genuine inscriptions from ancient Israel—but unless they are found in controlled digs, they will be under suspicion until authenticated.

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