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He was certified as a teacher in 1974 and was qualified as a supervisory officer.At the time of his arrest, he was a manager of Queen's faculty of education's e-learning hub, which creates electronic teaching resources.TAs difficult as this behavior can be for parents to endure, they the actions of a normal teenager.A troubled teen, on the other hand, exhibits behavioral, emotional, or learning problems beyond typical teenage issues.A former manager in the faculty of education at Queen's University has been stripped of his teaching credentials after being convicted of luring a 13-year-old girl on the Internet for sex.

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Typical teen behavior: Keeping up with fashion is important to teens.A forensic examination of Ditchfield's computer showed he had visited many sexually explicit websites involving incest and group sex and had contact with a number of profiles of users who presented themselves as young girls.During the trial, Ditchfield argued he was depressed and hooked on alcohol at the time.That may mean wearing provocative or attention-seeking clothing or dyeing hair.

Unless your teen wants tattoos, avoid criticizing and save your protests for the bigger issues. Warning signs: Changing appearance can be a red flag if it’s accompanied by problems at school or other negative changes in behavior, or if there’s evidence of cutting and self-harm or extreme weight loss or weight gain.

He argued that he knew his online partner was an adult woman and he was simply role-playing.