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The percentage of paying users is only 1.6% This is a typical design of Chinese dating site: basic personal data interaction.However, the four options here, “send text”, “say hello”, “send gift” and “follow her” are not enough attractive.In the past few years, dating websites like have acquired millions of subscribers, the first claiming to have a membership of 85 million, the latter approximately 100 million registered users.Even more successful than dating websites are China’s dating apps.

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The No.1 site, Jiayuan, has only about 550,000 paying users every month, with 35 million users in total., users have to spend much time and there are always unreal information to care. Most dating sites only offers dating and matching service.The information about relevant service such as wedding photography, wedding banquet, honeymoon reservation can hardly be found on these sites.Some public parks, such as the Shanghai People’s Park, even have a ‘blind dating corner’, where parents walk around with a picture of their child and a handwritten paper with what requirements a potential partner should meet. This way, their parents can stop worrying, and they will not have to go through the process of being asked nagging questions.

These male ‘escorts’ can be arranged through , China’s biggest e-commerce platform.

Besides dating service, dating sites are now trying new product around wedding such as B2C shop online.

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