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Some people call it “loneliness economy”, a business binge built on the society of single people.To the heterosexuals, it is a path for finding love; to the sexual minorities, it’s the online groups who share “the same sexual identities”, these apps have become a main approach to interact with the “fellows”.“If you spend 10 to 20 yuan buying gifts on a daily basis, the hosts will be very enthusiastic and keep interacting with you, and some hosts even live-chat with you.” Once a friend asked Fang to begin their own livestream together and then they live-chatted with a fan who lived in a small town in Southwest China.

But app users could be harsh, they put out their prejudice without disguise, as if they are selecting snacks on a supermarket shelf.”Fang and his friends feel bad about SNS apps, but there seems no alternative.“You spent half an hour taking 100 to 200 selfies, and another half an hour editing the one you selected.Once posted, the selfie would soon receive many likes, and some users left you messages saying that you are so handsome.She is quite stressed by the fact that her classmates and friends are already married and have children, or are about to get married. ”Lijuan’s mother also worries very much that her daughter is not enthusiastic about marriage.

Every time she calls Lijuan, she talks a lot about her philosophy of “finding a boyfriend”, worrying her daughter would never get married.

“I checked online and found that they were trying to convince me to pay for the so-called ‘luxury marriage hunting service’ that cost at least tens of thousands of yuan for membership fee, and some even cost hundreds of thousands of yuan.”The relationship from the dating app ended, Lijuan feels being single is somewhat different from before.

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