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Accommodation refers to the ability of the crystalline lens (located behind the pupil) of the eye to change shape in order to bring into focus objects located at different distances from our face.For instance, we might need to focus on the moon (infinity), our computer (intermediate, or about 60 cm) or a book (near, or about 40 cm).And, until now, this field of vision, that has become the most important for today’s active Boomers, was severely compromised.As it turns out, we live most of our “visual lives” in the intermediate range of distance between 26 and 32 inches.The questionnaire also asks whether it is important to them to reduce their dependence on glasses.

In school she was always in many activities involving acting, art, singing and dancing.It still works perfectly fine, but of course that's pending on a whole bunch of things like 1) Are you using it in an actual server environment with PHP running?When you are asking a reader for their email address, you can use a simple » address validation function to make sure the address has a valid structure.Gills says approximately 10% to 20% of people cannot adapt to monovision and some may require a lens exchange or refractive surgery.

"This helps you to better tailor your selection based on a patient's visual needs," Dr.

Patients often describe that they can see clear and with more vibrance than ever.