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character came out of the closet on Wednesday night's season 3 finale, it's almost as though a weight has been lifted."I'm happy for Will," the actor tells ET."It's the first step in his journey of personal fulfillment, and I think he's going to be able to live a much richer life now that he's out and accepting of himself, and has the courage to face whatever's gonna come his way."WATCH: Connie Britton's Face in These 'Nashville' Bloopers Will Make Your Day For his part, Carmack is embarking on a new frontier of his own.It has a naked feel at the beginning and it grows into a large-sounding, almost rock anthem at the end of the song.I really do feel like that song encapsulates my musical influences and ambitions.If I could have not checked a box, I would have not.People like to define things by genre and, in fact, this single has a lot of country elements in it, but some of the other songs on the EP are less country and as a result, I just kinda classified the whole thing as pop. I still have the notes under my fingers, but my chops are a little bit rusty.This EP is being released independently, why did you want to go that route? The Will Lexington thing that I do on the show is a very packagable identity and I think if I was to try to move forward with a Nashville label, I think I might be encouraged to create music more along the lines of a packagable identity.

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I've always been a fan of Buddy Guy as a guitarist, as well as Stevie Ray Vaughan and those blues guys. I'm a fan of Otis Redding, I've sat around trying to copy some of his phrasing and learn from him but it kinda falls short.I read an interview that Lil Wayne gave, where he was talking about how he wanted to start rapping all improv, nothing written down, but he had tons of back catalogue of things he wrote for himself.So what he did was record this 50-minute rap or something, a very long rap, that got all that material out and he said he finally felt free to move forward.The 34-year-old -- more than a decade after breaking out in Hollywood as the jerk-heartthrob Luke on -- last week revealed his first solo single, and will independently release his first-ever solo EP later this year.

ET caught up with Carmack by phone for a wide-ranging interview, touching on everything from his new pop music, why he's "not surprised" at country music's void of gay stars, and what , a lot of people would expect you to go country.

I kinda feel like these songs would have haunted me and possibly held me back if I didn't ever record them and release them.