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Harrison Ford might be one of the most private men in Hollywood, but he was unable to hide his relationship with the much-younger Calista Flockhart.They met at the 2002 Golden Globes, and they married in 2010 in Santa Fe where Ford was filming a movie.Michael Caine was married from 1955 to 1962 to Patricia Haines, but the greatest relationship of his life is his marriage to Shakira Baksh.He saw her in a Maxwell House commercial and asked a friend for her number.Both Sean and Micheline had children from previous marriages.

While at a golf tournament in Morocco, Connery met the love of his life, Micheline Roquebrune.Redford says that he and Van Wagenen remain close, which makes sense given their relationship with their three living children and grandchildren.He claims they went through “a lot of stuff together” but that he remained faithful.Robert Redford met Lola Van Wagenen while they both lived in the same apartment in 1957.

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  • Isabel Lucas stuns as the bewitching profil de paulette60


    Isabel Lucas is headed to the land of OZ, and not the one we call Australia. The Aussie actress, who is now based in Los Angeles, has landed a role as the.…