Christian charismatic dating

I have come to realize it was like living in a bomb shelter cut off from society.I kept up to date on things going on in the charismatic movement; Scandal after scandal with International House of Prayer (IHOP), Morning star, Hillsong ministries and the list goes on. One incident occurred when Judy Jacobs a famous TBN minister got up at the Ramp in a prideful arrogant tone and demanded the young kids at the Ramp (Youth Ministry) dig down deep in their pockets to give money for an offering so Karen Wheaton could buy a Bentley!I was listening to Bethel worship, Hill songs, all the cutting edge worship. Kansas City (IHOP), Morningstar Ministries and Bethel Redding are what I considered great men of God preaching the true gospel.I was a devoted follower of the Ramp, founded by Karen Wheaton featuring Perry stone (OCI ministries) Damon Thompson, Dutch Sheets the N. That should give you a clear view of the people I was running with.Those ministries are considered heretical by many orthodox Christians…I had NO clue.When you are in a group think bubble you really cannot see other perspectives at all.

Many believers have been deceived into thinking if someone exposes a false teacher they are literally fighting with God himself.It is so subtle that it is unrecognizable to the biblically ignorant and undiscerning.There was constant talk of apostles and prophets that God was raising up in these last days.God was treated like a genie in a bottle many times in church services.

I could get a fresh prophetic word every Sunday at the altar as people prayed for me.

I began to notice a theme; I was all about US and not God.