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By the time I went to college, I knew everything there was to know about purity.But all of those seminars left out two crucial things: practical ways to deal with temptation, and more importantly, the reality of redemption."A kiss can be a deal-breaker in terms of whether a relationship will flower or flounder, so to speak." Rachel Myeroff, 26, can attest to that. For men, kissing is more often used as a means to an end -- namely, to gain sexual access.On a second date with a guy, says the New York City-based sales manager, "he just went in for it and attached himself to me in the sloppiest, most horrible kiss ever. I most definitely did not call him again." Why we kiss Gallup's research suggests that men and women have different agendas when it comes to kissing, an act that occurs in 95 percent of human societies and is believed to have been first recorded in Vedic Sanskrit texts around 1500 B. Men also are more likely to literally kiss and make up, using kissing to attempt reconciliation.Other gender differences uncovered by Gallup's research: • Men show a greater preference for tongue contact and open-mouth kisses.

The blind cannot lead the blind, but the church is gouging eyes out.When I was 12 I was a part of my first purity seminar.My church was telling all of tweens and teens that “True Love Waits” and I bought it. A few years later, I had moved, and was in a new church, and I got to sit through another purity seminar.But that only lasts so long, and when I realized I couldn’t do that anymore I felt like I had been thrown to the wolves.

Since all the purity talks in the world fail to practically equip people for the reality of human sexuality, it is particularly devastating that they also fail the remind us of God’s grace. When I was metaphorically thrown to the wolves, my boyfriend had no interest in leaving me to fend for myself.

"At the moment of the kiss, there's a very complicated exchange of information ...