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From pilgrim reports it seems that the chapel housing the tomb of Jesus was freestanding at first, and that the Rotunda was only erected around the chapel in the 380s.This building was damaged by fire in May of 614 when the Sassanid Empire, under Khosrau II, invaded Jerusalem and captured the True Cross.Historians agree that the fate of Jerusalem and thereby the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was of concern if not the immediate goal of papal policy in 1095.The idea of taking Jerusalem gained more focus as the Crusade was underway.

The dedication of these chapels indicates the importance of the pilgrims' devotion to the suffering of Christ.In wide-ranging negotiations between the Fatimids and the Byzantine Empire in 1027–8, an agreement was reached whereby the new Caliph Ali az-Zahir (Al-Hakim's son) agreed to allow the rebuilding and redecoration of the Church.Muslim sources say a by-product of the agreement was the recanting of Islam by many Christians who had been forced to convert under Al-Hakim's persecutions.Despite the Byzantines spending vast sums on the project, "a total replacement was far beyond available resources.

The new construction was concentrated on the rotunda and its surrounding buildings: the great basilica remained in ruins." The chapels were to the east of the court of resurrection, where the wall of the great church had been.

They have been described as 'a sort of Via Dolorosa in miniature'...

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