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I order food from Bob Evans all of the time I love the food and the atmosphere. I hope I can over come my feelings about the customer service I recieved because right know I not feeling like I should not return, that 22.50 took me two hours of my life to earn!!Maybe I’ll find a more respectfull place to spend my hard earned money!!!!I was terminated over the phone because of certain “attendance” issues.with doctors notes when my daughter was in the hospital..their GM is not qualified for the position he is the Assistant GM.general manager of the restaurant is openly “homosexual” and would make sexual comments regarding him “getting screwed over” (taking it in the a**, without vaseline) the more skill and AVAILABILITY you have definitely qualified you as one of their favorites..didnt matter if you had a family that needed you too or shorthanded on a daily basis.even seen employees take “tones” with this man over money, hours, and the jobs he required itself.the general manager handing out raises to employees who threatened to leave (quit) but to let me go over “attendance issues”..i think this man played favorites.other employees opportunity over others because of the basis in which he felt personable about yourself in paticular.used crude metaphors and treated certain employees unfairly..i do believe i was wrongfully terminated.the way itself as well.also tell people to look for a different place to work if said about their desire to work there as well.a good place to work.a good “first job” for teenagers just getting out into the workplace either.stress.sexual comments.DRUG USE by certain employees doesn’t make it so.somewhere else to work..Reply Hello, I am a former employee and I’ve tried calling multiple times to get information on how to get my 401k.I’ve been told people will get back with me and I have not heard anything. I just want information on my 401k I had with Bob Evans please! We live in Latrobe and we have several restaurants but would love to see your place built here as well. Robert Taylor Reply Wow, this has been one of the worst ones I have ever been to.thank you Reply Hello wanted to say we love your restaurant. Lets start out by saying We went there for Sunday Breakfast on 9/17/17.Reply I have been a regular customer of bob evans in indiana and whereever i am traveling.

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My husband ordered the fried chicken strip meal and was served a side salad and biscuits before our food arrived… His two course meal turned out to be less expensive than the bowl of potatoes and gravy that I received. Reply On November 16 2017 I called in a carry out order at the Florence Kentucky Bob Evans at about am.I called and ask if Bob Evans ha change their recipe and for the Biscuits and Gravy the woman on the phone ask me to hold, she then replied that the recipe had not been changed and that no one else has complained about the gravy, I politely Thanked her she replied have a nice day.This is a perfect example of a unresolved customer complaint!!!!!She replied that the total would be 22.50, I then told her Thank You! After arriving home my wife and began eating our meals, After the first bite of my biscuits and gravy I thought what the heck!!