Civil war dating

Title: Adjutant General’s Department Civil War military rolls Dates: 1860-1865, 1871, 1898 Dates (Bulk): bulk 1860-1865 Abstract: The Civil War brought a reorganization of the office of Texas Adjutant General with the act of December 25, 1861 (Chapter 20, 9th Texas Legislature), that created an adjutant and inspector general who would also serve as ordnance officer and quartermaster and commissary general.Two other military entities were also involved in Texas during this time: Confederate officials and Union troops.

This second communist rebellion lasted until 1949, when the U.Almost all of these rolls were abstracted early in the 20th century onto 3-by-5 inch index cards located in the Texas State Archives search room, which give all of the information found on the rolls themselves. Roberts commanding, CSA;””Reserved Company, Beat 3, Freestone County, 19th Brigade, Texas Militia”); enlistment data (date, place, and for what period); discharge data (usually pay information, including number of days, rate, and total); description (usually only age, if anything at all); and remarks.Based upon information contained in the abstracts, rolls typically include the following information: name and rank of the soldier; name and rank of the commanding officer; designation of the organization (e.g., “Company A, Rangers for Frontier Protection, Texas State Troops;””Company A, Texas Volunteer Infantry, Col. Remarks include the number of officers and men on the roll (R&F: rank and file); name of enlisting officer; name of mustering officer; where and when stationed; arms issued; and source of abstract information (e.g.Upon the German troops’ withdrawal from Greece in October, the communists and royalist Greek guerrillas were brought together under British auspices in an uneasy coalition government in Athens (Modern Greek: Athína).