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It will pull me out of no end of a hole.” “I think I can manage that,” said Sletherby, after a moment’s hesitation. It will be a lesson to me not to leave my exchequer lying about anywhere, when it ought to be in my pocket.

His eyes were fixed on the door panel, on which were displayed two crests: a greyhound courant and a demi-lion holding in its paw a cross-crosslet. He had been silent himself for nearly an hour in the train, and his tongue was making up for lost time.He was engaged in searching furiously and ineffectually for some elusive or non-existent object; from time to time he dug a sixpenny bit out of a waistcoat pocket and stared at it ruefully, then recommenced the futile searching operations. I’m coming on there on Monday evening, so we shall meet. I say, it’s an awfully lucky coincidence that I should run across someone who knows the mater just at this particular moment.A cigarette-case, matchbox, latchkey, silver pencil case, and railway ticket were turned out on to the seat beside him, but none of these articles seemed to afford him satisfaction; he cursed again, rather louder than before. I’m quite a stranger; haven’t seen the mater for six months at least. I’ve done an damned awkward thing.” “You’ve lost something, haven’t you?I’m stopping at a little country inn near Brondquay for three days’ fishing; not a soul knows me there, and my week-end bill, and tips, and cab to and from the station, and my ticket on to Brill, that will mount up to two or three quid, won’t it?

If you wouldn’t mind lending me two pound ten, or three for preference, I shall be awfully obliged. What a lucky thing for me that I should have chanced across one of the mater’s friends.

It was in my pocket all right, just before I was starting, and then I wanted to seal a letter, and the sovereign-purse happens to have my crest on it, so I whipped it out to stamp the seal with, and, like a double-distilled idiot, I must have left it on the table.