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Pro-tip: Avoid the half-hour wait by heading to the take-out line.The slick, Scandanavian-influenced design of Heart comes courtesy of their Finnish owner, who used to be a pro snowboarder before going into the bean biz.Eternity Roasters in the heart of downtown Miami is the last stop in the founder's family's "seed-to-cup" vision that started on their Colombian coffee farm 60 years ago.When they're not brewing their own Colombian fare single-cup pour-over style, it's single-lot harvests from around the world that have gone through a rigorous blind taste-testing process to ensure beans never waver from the farmer's standard.Bandits Coffee Bar Offering specially curated selection of desserts by some of KL’s indie bakers, this is one venue to consider if you and your date have a sweet tooth and a key inkling for that neighbourhood cafe feel.

The most Portland-sounding machine ever, the Steampunk is a variation of syphon brewing that results in a faster and more consistent product than most any other single-cup system.For regular Joes, they offer an express side loaded with cafe pressing pots of international roasts.But the real magic happens in the Slow Bar, where patrons can pick from a variety of beans and brewing methods to compare the tastes of single-origin brews and test the cutting edge of coffee technology.Heart's serious enough about their coffee that they don't serve cold-brew because it doesn't meet their flavor standards, and they're so transparent with their roasting practices that their cafe is literally built around a black Probat roasting machine that allows customers to get a first-hand look at their craft.

From the birthplace of second-wave coffee giants like Starbucks, Seattle Coffee Works claims to be the only active roastery in the Emerald City's downtown, and takes their service as seriously as their beans.

The HUB Located in OUG, placed unassumingly in between a car workshop and electrical store, The HUB is a micro-scale coffee roaster and cafe with a lot of heart.