Colton and skylar dating

In the papers, Grey claims Mandel hired 'private investigators to track' her current boyfriend Elliott Taylor.And the recording devices were discovered Wednesday night when Mandel told Grey he'd been 'stalking me and is following and monitoring me and my boyfriend' at a party they were both attending.The Wisconsin native performed with Eminem on the November 18th episode of Saturday Night Live where she stood in for Beyonce.

“Many of the EU film students work on multiple movie projects during their four years of college.More information for EU Films can be found at by contacting Dr. According to The Hollywood Reporter, American Idol season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez and De Andre Brackensick are dating. A number of additional students played extras and stand-in roles.

was directed by Andrew Kilpatrick and produced by Rajeev Colton, both senior film majors.

Additional staff includes director of photography Noah Giamei, a junior film major; editor Lauren Havard, a senior digital arts major; and audio supervisor Billy Hansen, senior digital arts major.