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Equally they won't react to your bad temper with ease, because they don't really care about hurting you.I would also advice about people who are always adamant and never have doubts or reconsider anything they affirm." You think he must be joking, but you can't really tell. You can't really place the feeling because you are so very attracted to this man."Of course not" you say, eyeing his face for any change. As the two of you walk to his car, he says, "Oh you looked great on the dance floor." You say, "Thanks! You hope his interest in you is sincere, but something tells you that he has the upper hand.The woman may get angry, for example, and if the man doesn't care about that and keeps his happy face that man would be seen as strong, confident, and friendly.That would be an isolated event, but if a guy is never nagged the slightest bit about that you may be dealing with a psychopath.He has a fascinating depth of character born of a lifetime of openness to experience.

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He raises his glass at the dinner table and says, "Bon appetite! " Suddenly sans twinkle in his eye, he says, "Are you correcting me?Heaven forbid you marry one of these arrogant guys! (I am a man, by the way, and I treat these guys with the contempt they deserve ...) If you understood personality temperament, you'd know that it is mainly the sexy-handsome guys that have the problem with being shallow. There are plenty of decent guys out there that would make excellent mates.Sure, they seem sexy to you now because first impressions are their strong suit. Very often it is for just these sorts of uncaring, unfair behaviors. They just look like geeks, or they may have a larger waist line. I think you showed a good example of a conversation with an arrogant man, but the advice that's given goes both ways, right?Don't say you weren't warned ;) Yes, I believe that an "arrogant" partner who consistently displays such exploitative behavior patters and negative criticisms is not the ideal mate; however, I do believe sincerely that good, honest, and decent people will on occasion slip up and make the off handed arrogant comment about an incompetent co-worker.

Maybe he is frustrated with the unjust work order and he is being exploited by said coworker's incompetence.

If you challenge him, he might say how lucky you are to have a man who doesn't beat you like the husband down the hall. Call them out on their attempts to make you feel guilty, and you'll see that their vulnerability was fake. You said that: I agree, but those are also cues to your own modesty. Is it not fair to say that the average person is neither absolutely humble nor absolutely arrogant? Perhaps we shouldn't be looking for a purely humble partner, perhaps we should be looking for someone who's simply more humble than arrogant?