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Hi, I guess you know the phenomenon that a girl walk into a club / date, and without her noticing someone her dripping a few drops of drug rape drink (GHB), and within minutes he can do the darkest, without that girl can resist or rea..Your username is the first thing someone will read. One random habit (nothing gross here people) or a funny fact can do the trick. Ryan Gos: I like to ride motorbikes fast and be filmed doing it. If you want to put a bit more of yourself into it (and this applies particularly if you have a tagline to think about.The more you agonise over it, the worse it’s going to get. Also think about the kind of person you want to meet and what you want to get out of the relationship. The strange thing about online dating is that the vast majority are striving to look normal.

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After all, they are not used to seeing usernames like that, among all the “travelbug”‘s “Jenny RN”s, and “Adventurous Steve”‘s, “Sexy Lexi”s, and “Smoov Playa’s”. The Best Usernames Are The Ones That Convey Your Playful Sarcasm and Wit Not everyone has a skill for coming up with sharp and witty usernames.

So it is the most important to place to (a) sell yourself and (b) be yourself. A name is a good place to start but for the sake of online security, don’t use your full name. Of course, you can read euphemisms into everything but there comes a point where you just have to bite the bullet and write something down. If you’re finding it hard to pin down that clinching fact, ask a family friend. That way you will get a more honest reaction (and avoid awkward questions if you feel that is how they might react). Safer people will look at profiles with safer names.

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