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Eric Jacobson has performed the character since then.Finch calls Fozzie "a sweetly insecure and absolutely terrible comedian". An eccentric hooked-nosed stunt performer and performance artist who debuted in The Great Santa Claus Switch as the Cigar Box Frackle.The Muppets are an ensemble group of comedic puppet characters originally created by Jim Henson.The Muppets have appeared in multiple television series, films, and other media appearances since the 1950s.According to Oz, Fozzie is such a bad comedian that he "can't afford good joke writers, and he can't write good jokes himself". Gonzo's species has always been kept ambiguous, ranging from a Frackle in his early years, to avian in subsequent portrayals, and even alien in Muppets from Space. Introduced in Muppets Tonight, he and Seymour would often work as elevator operator and commissary cooks.He was created by Dave Goelz, who has performed Gonzo since his inception. His first theatrical film appearance was in Muppets from Space.

Together—along with Gary's girlfriend, Mary (Amy Adams)—the trio assist Kermit in reuniting the Muppets, as an effort to raise enough money to regain control of the Muppet Theater from oil tycoon Tex Richman (Chris Cooper).Critic Jordan Schildcrout describes Sam as "a cross between Uncle Sam and the bald eagle (which is the U. national bird and symbol) with a dash of Richard Nixon, [who] represents a conservative, nationalist Puritanism that makes him a snob and a prude." He was designed by Jim Henson and built by Don Sahlin. the Swedish Chef was originally a dual collaboration between Jim Henson and Frank Oz, who provided the hands. Debuted in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence A rock house band consisting of Dr.Oz would deliberately do unexpected things, like tossing chickens and juggling meat cleavers, that Henson would have to improvise through. Teeth, the gravelly-voiced leader and keyboard player of the band; Floyd Pepper, the cynical "hippie" bass player; Janice, the lead guitar player with a flower child personality; Zoot, the laid-back saxophone player; and Animal, the crazed drummer.On Muppet Babies, Camilla was Baby Gonzo's stuffed yellow chicken doll.

She was voiced by Frank Welker, and subsequently Dave Coulier and Russi Taylor when she came to life in Gonzo's imagination.

The trumpet player Lips was a later addition to the band.