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The book is mainly a transcript of the conversation between Snowden, Roy, and Cusack, with a selection of relevant photos and illustrations as well as a detailed list of references.In November 2017, Cusack implied in a tweet Cusack is a fan of both the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox, for which he says he is "in trouble" in Chicago due to the longstanding rivalry between the teams.Cusack criticized President Barack Obama's administration for its drone policy in the Middle East and its support of the National Defense Authorization Act, and became one of the initial supporters of the Freedom of the Press Foundation in 2012.

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Cusack returned to producing as well as acting with War, Inc.He followed it with one of the lead roles in an action film Con Air (1997).Cusack had a small role in Chicago Cab (1997) and provided a voice for Anastasia (1997).He starred in a big budget disaster film, 2012 (2010) and the comedy Hot Tub Time Machine (2010). Cusack was in Shanghai (2010) then starred as Edgar Allan Poe in The Raven' (2012) and had a support role in The Paperboy (2012).