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All calls should be made to your specific private API url (which we'll provide you).Every call will report its success via the HTTP status code returned.Stay on top of customer’s preferences, technological trends and entertainment offerings.User Report assist telcos in identifying new trends, content preferences and providing valuable market feedback instantaneously.We've gathered these headlines on customer surveying and customer feedback to help you make use of your customer's opinions. The power of real-time customer surveys: According to Donna Fluss, customer surveying is one of the most important things an enterprise can do to boost customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.Donna recommends companies use real-time surveying tools to help them identify and respond to customer concerns immediately, before the issues impact a larger number of customers. Customers: The best judge of agent performance: Customers are a company's best resource for unbiased, truthful feedback on the caller experience.

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Our Rating and Review Software (Saa S) lets your customers share their honest feedback on your website.