Dangers of internet dating for men

For example, some researchers argue that productive people have only limited time to develop and maintain their most significant relationships, and moderate-to-heavy Internet use necessarily siphons hours off this precious reservoir, leaving people socially isolated and sad.Other researchers remind us that the mere act of sitting still in front of a computer display can trigger a biochemical chain-reaction that ends in depression.A whole genre of studies describes the damage Internet involvement can wreak on academic performance.Although many parents help their children get online in order to bolster grades, research reveals that more time spent online translates into less time spent reading books and worse study skills.Ironically, many study participants justified their increasing time online saying they needed to “stay in touch” with more distant friends and relatives, while they increasingly ignored those they were living with.I hear complaints weekly from spouses, parents, and especially children who feel the Internet has robbed them of their loved-ones.It is clear that there is a need to protect one’s children from the distractions and corrosive elements of the net.

In the last three years there have been several infamous cases of abduction, rape and murder in which the victim was first approached and lured through a Chat or MUD site, instant messaging, or emails.As Internet involvement increases, so do loneliness and depression—especially among middle and upper class males.There are many theories about the relationship between Internet use and depression.There are, no doubt, many more cases in which Chat, MUD, instant messaging, or email interactions led to psychologically destructive relationships.

These are the harsh realities of cyber-street life.

The Internet cultivates impulsive jumping from web page to web page, but real learning requires still concentration.

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