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The main repository for RFCs is maintained by the IETF, text versions (the normative reference) may be viewed at org/rfc/rfc or (where XXXX is the 4 digit RFC number - left padded with zeros as necessary).Currently published RFCs are pointed to https:// XXXX which contains various information and links to the text (normative) reference and a PDF (non-normative) version. The major use of SSL (X.509) certificates is in conjunction with the TLS/SSL protocol.Nevertheless, we persist in our ingrained habit for no particularly good reason (old dog..tricks..).Note: If you want/need/desire more options over RFC formats then you now have a veritable cornucopia of choice.As the school year comes to an end my travels begin, y.. just a little info on me , I'm a easy going guy who enjoy my privacy and calm lifestyle....I enjoy sports, reading,traveling and a small group of like minded friends. And the Democrats have officially taken notice, assigning a DNC staffer to monitor The Donald “like a serious presidential candidate,” according to The Guardian.“They shouldn’t fight with each other because it’s something that’s old, because they have very big egos.” But Trump, not to be outdone, proceeded to talk over Young and Benza and, in a patronizing tone, get Young to admit that he stole her from him.

Good news: If you self-sign your certificates you may save a ton of money.The term 'SSL certificate' has persisted, and will likely persist for the foreseable future, because given the choice of saying 'SSL' or 'X.509' the former tends to roll off the tongue more comfortably.Doubtless a linguistic expert could wax lyrical over the S sound versus the X sound.This is a survival guide to the eye-glazing topic of TLS/SSL and X.509 (SSL) certificates - including self-signed certificates.

These are elements in what is loosely called a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

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