Dating a cocktial waitress in las vegas

Don't you know that a woman can be sexy at any age?Any man who prefers a slender young woman in such an outfit, with her smooth legs, pert bosom, and shiny hair is obviously a sexist, and has mindlessly bought into the oppressive norms of our male-dominated society that only values a womyn for her looks.He mentioned how Singapore Airlines only hires attractive women as stewardesses, and when they reach a certain age they are forced out of the stewardess job.They aren't fired, but simply given another job in the airline. Singapore Airlines COACH class is superior to BUSINESS class in any American airline company I've ever flown.I've never misbehaved with a waitress, but on those occasions -- in some not completely feminist-drenched part of the country -- when a waitress has given me a little "goodbye" squeeze on the shoulder as she handed me the check, it made me happy for the moment.

The second issue, as I see it, is attire appropriateness.It might even be considered — wait for it — discrimination!This is the kind of fallout you get with "anti-discrimination" laws that force us to pretend everyone is the same. Maybe all the 19 year olds are working in strip clubs where they make more money.One waitress appeared to be pushing 60 really hard and a couple of others looked to be about 50.