Dating a felony

It is very important to be open with his past because it is not as simple as getting stuck in the corner in the first grade. And being the victim of a crime is not the same thing as being the one who commits a crime.I don't really know how this affects anyone but I have to agree, having a felony on one's record can cause employment difficulties, among other things. Anyone can be charged with a crime and that stays on their record, even if they were found not guilty.(free access to public records of convictions in most jurisdictions)Are you kidding me? Your not getting married and you have no reason to worry about his employment! Unless you make it a habit of dating ex-felons, I would find something else to do. On your profile you state that you have never been on a date because you have friends or had a friend that suddenly converted into a relationship. No one is under any obligation to divulge these things. Well, some people turn their lives around after a brush with the law.You have enough time in your day to worry about and concern yourself with an EX and the PAST relationship? Maybe think about finding a different hobby or something to focus on . Most employers do background checks, so he would even have rouble finding work at a Mc Donald's. Now, I am supposing that you had a friendship with this man who was the ex-felon and have spent time hanging out with him and getting to know him. If I were divorced I wouldn't even put that on my profile. Just how long ago and if he has learned his lesson could be just as important as finding out about his past.

Nobody's perfect and we've all done things and experienced things that I agree, we shouldn't need to disclose to every potential partner, but something that affects your future, and therefore a committed partner's future, is different. It's not enough i have to explain what happened to every employer, but i'd have to explain it all to every date? Thats why we have a judge and jury and so many stupid laws that courts are a booming buisiness. Should we have a law keeping us from hangin clothes on a line? It depends on how he is living his life now and how upfront he is about the crime.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Question is - old habits die hard....she willing to change now and not be tempted to take an easy way out? She's done her time, paid the price and wants to start fresh - ofcourse she should be taken seriously.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. How would this have affected our lives together if we stayed together and even gotten married? Do most companies do background checks before hiring? Can't own gun, affects crditworthiness, can't hold office, might affect your employability, precludes other felons from the home.

I just found out my ex has a felony for trafficking stolen property he never told me about. Would I have found out when we applied for a marriage license? If his rights were reinstated however, it might affect nothing.

I have to relive it constantly the rest of my life: something i'm trying to put behind me and is irrelevant anymore? Wow man...spoken like someone who has had dealings with these types of scum. Ok, so because you think you've somehow atoned for a crime, this means that the world should back off and let you be? Was it a silly juvenile mistake, from an addiction or a crime of violence. Did he shoplift from wall mart as a teenager or beat a up someones granny.

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